COBCH1663 Overlapping perform range: <n> entries

Overlapping PERFORM ranges have been detected in the source code.
Note: This error message is only applicable to managed COBOL, and then only when compiled with the ILSHOWPERFORMOVERLAP directive.

When an overlapping PERFORM range has been detected, this error message indicates the start of the first affected range and the number of overlapping PERFORM ranges.

Refer to COBCH1664 Perform range: <procedure-name1> thru <procedure-name2> for more details on where those overlaps occur.

$set ilshowperformoverlap
 perform a thru c.
 perform c thru f.
 perform f.
                               *> errors are displayed as follows:
 a section.
 display "Running section a.". *> COBCH1663E Overlapping perform range: 3 entries
                               *> COBCH1664E    perform range: a thru c
 b section.
 display "Running section b.".
 c section.                    *> COBCH1664E    perform range: c thru f
 display "Running section c.".
 d section.
 display "Running section d.".
 e section.
 display "Running section e.".
 f section.                    *> COBCH1664E    perform range: f thru f
 display "Running section f.".