COBCH1668 Paragraph "procedure-name1" in perform range contains a "GO TO procedure-name2", which causes overlap

The overlapping PERFORM range, indicated by the preceding COBCH1664, is caused by one or more GO TO statements in paragraph “procedure-name1”.
Note: This error message is only applicable to managed COBOL, and then only when compiled with the ILSHOWPERFORMOVERLAP directive.

When a section has statements before a paragraph header and those statements (which form an unnamed paragraph) include a GO TO statement that causes a PERFORM range overlap, "procedure-name1" is displayed as "{implied first paragraph} of section-name".

In the following example, the GO TO in paragraph x1 is causing the error. One possible correction could be to change the GO TO statement to a PERFORM statement followed by a GO TO statement that refers to the desired PERFORM range end procedure. However, other PERFORM range structure problems might be the cause of the GO TO statement causing a PERFORM range overlap.

$set ilshowperformoverlap
01 i pic 9(4) binary value 0.

perform b1 thru e1.
perform b2 thru e2.
                 *>  Errors are displayed as follows:
b1.              *>  COBCH1663E Overlapping perform range: 2 entries
if i = 0         *>  COBCH1664E    perform range: b1 thru e1
   go to x1
go to x2.

b2.              *>  COBCH1664E    perform range: b2 thru e2
if i = 0         *>  COBCH1668E       paragraph "x1" in perform range contains a "GO TO b1", which causes overlap
   go to x2
display "In x1".
go to b1.

display "In x2".

display "In e1".

display "In e2".