The cobdebugremote64 process runs on a remote machine and enables you to debug 64-bit applications on that machine using remote connections.
Restriction: The following applies to native code only.

Command Line Syntax:

To start the cobdebugremote64 process, enter the following at a COBOL command prompt:

cobdebugremote64 option


no options
Starts the cobdebugremote64 process and opens a random port for remote connections. The port number is displayed in the console.
Specify the machine that cobdebugremote64 is running on. Only valid with the stop option.
Specify the port to use to listen for connection requests.
Specify the range of ports to use. If port nnnnn is in use, the next port is tried until a free port is found. If no free ports are found in the range, the utility returns an error.
After the debug session has been completed, start listening for another connection. If no option is specified, cobdebugremote64 exits after the debug session has completed.
Causes the cobdebugremote64 that is listening on the port to exit. Must be used with the port option. This is only valid when cobdebugremote64 is waiting for a connection.