Using Server Explorer with Enterprise Server

Server Explorer is a feature that enables you to connect to servers, as well as view and access their resources. For example, you can connect to, view and access the following resources:

In your COBOL development system, you can also view and access a Micro Focus server.

From Server Explorer you can:

Note: You can also perform some of these tasks from within Solution Explorer and the context-menu commands available at project level.
The related links contain information on the commands available using Server Explorer for maintaining the Micro Focus servers and mainframe applications:
  1. View the available Micro Focus enterprise servers on your local machine or connect to an enterprise server running on a remote machine
  2. Specify sign on details as required
  3. Open the Enterprise Server Administration page to configure enterprise servers.
  4. Associate Mainframe Subsystem applications with enterprise servers.
  5. Start or stop enterprise servers.
  6. Create or delete enterprise servers
  7. Update the status of the enterprise servers.
  8. Run the mainframe application.
  9. Use the Enterprise Server administration facilities to monitor the execution of your mainframe applications.

If Server Explorer is not displayed, click View > Server Explorer or View > Other Windows > Server Explorer.