Multi-threaded Program Debugging

This section assumes that you are familiar with multi-threaded programming. If you are not, refer to Multi-threaded Programming.

When you compile your application, you use the cob -t flag to specify that the program is multi-threaded. You can then run the program using the trigger for the multi-threaded run-time system, cobrun_t, setting the +A run-time switch to start Character Animator:

cobrun_t +A program 

or start Character Animator:

anim_t program 

Each of the triggers cobrun, anim and cobanim have a corresponding multi-threaded version cobrun_t, anim_t and cobanim_t.

When Character Animator starts, you can use its View-threads function to view multiple threads.

You can use core file debugging, just-in-time debugging and unsolicited dynamic attachment with multi-threaded programs as described in the previous sections; the difference is that you use the _t suffix with any triggers.