Multi-threading and Animator

You can use Animator with multi-threading programs in two ways:

If you start Animator with the MULTITHREAD directive specified, Animator creates a multi-threading environment for the animated program.

If you use the _t version of the commands that start Animator, both Animator and the animated program run in the multi-threaded run-time system. This can affect the speed at which Animator and the animated programs run because both use whatever system resources are necessary to maintain thread state information. However, using _t commands has the advantage over the MULTITHREAD directive that the operating system can share the code spaces of the two executing run-time system shared libraries, so memory use might not be adversely affected.

No hard and fast rules can be given as to whether you should use the _t commands, or the MULTITHREAD directive. Generally, if speed is an issue, use Animator with the MULTITHREAD directive; if memory use is an issue, use the _t commands.

For information on Animator directives, see the chapter Directives for Animator