Rebuild is a file management utility invoked from the command prompt which enables you to:

The operation performed on a file by Rebuild depends on the options specified on the Rebuild command line.

  • If you are using Fileshare to access files, you should use only the Rebuild options that are supported for use through Fileshare. Otherwise, you will obtain undefined results.
  • When working with striped IDXFORMAT "8" files, you should ensure that:
    • All stripes are present
    • Rebuild picks up the File Handler configuration file extfh.cfg file.
    Failure to do this can lead to unpredictable results.
  • You should always take a backup copy of a file before you reorganize, rebuild or convert it. This is simply as a precaution against an incorrectly specified command line which could lead to file corruption. For indexed files, you should save both the index and data parts of the file.
  • Key offsets start at 1.
  • All temporary files are created in the system temporary file directory, unless you set TMPDIR (UNIX) or TMP or TEMP (Windows) to point to the directory where you would like to keep temporary files.