Rebuild through Fileshare

You can use Rebuild on files that reside on Fileshare servers, but only with a limited range of Rebuild options. The format of the command line for using Rebuild through Fileshare is:

rebuild in-file[,out-file] -z:server-name {/l|/n} {/k|/u}


server-name The name of a Fileshare server. All occurrences of server-name must refer to the same Fileshare server.

You can also specify a Fileshare server without using the -z Rebuild option. The format of the command line for this is:

rebuild $$server-name\in-file [$$server-name\out-file] {/l|/n}
rebuild $$server-name/in-file [$$server-name/out-file] {/l|/n}

On UNIX systems, replace the server-name prefix $$ with \$\$.