Software requirements

Note: This product includes OpenSSL version 1.1.1c.

The setup file will check your machine for whether the prerequisite software is installed and will install any missing prerequisites and the product components.

Eclipse requirements

  • The setup file installs Visual COBOL and the 64-bit version of Eclipse 4.8.

    Some earlier versions of Eclipse are also supported. See Installing Visual COBOL into other instances of Eclipse in the Advanced Installation Tasks.

  • A 64-bit Windows is required. Visual COBOL installs fully only on 64-bit Windows platforms. On 32-bit Windows, the setup file does not install some of the components. See Issues with the Installation in Known Issues and Restrictions.
  • Visual COBOL only supports the 64-bit version of Eclipse. You can use the 64-bit Eclipse to create both 32-bit and 64-bit applications.

Software requirements

  • Java 11 (64-bit) is required to run the Eclipse IDE. The minimum recommended version is AdoptOpenJDK's OpenJDK 8 (u202) with Hotspot, which the Windows product installs automatically. You can download AdoptOpenJDK's OpenJDK 8 with Hotspot from AdoptOpenJDK's Web site and unpack the archive anywhere on your machine.

  • Visual COBOL requires:
    • A 32-bit Java installation if using the 32-bit Eclipse.
    • A 64-bit Java installation if using the 64-bit Eclipse.
  • The setup file also installs Microsoft's Visual C++ 2012, 2013 and 2017 Redistributables.
  • Microsoft Windows SDK and Microsoft Build Tools: Various actions and operations within your COBOL development environment depend on certain files that Microsoft distributes in the following packages: the Windows SDK package and the Microsoft Build Tools package. See Microsoft Package Dependencies for a full list of actions and operations that require one or both of these packages.

    By default, the product installation installs the latest versions of the Microsoft Windows 10 SDK, and the Microsoft Build Tools for Visual Studio 2017, to their default locations.

    If you need to use any other version of these packages, or use them installed to a non-default location, use the cblms command line utility post-installation to manage this; see Managing the Microsoft Build Tools and Windows SDK Packages for more information.

See Java Support Restrictions in the product help for any considerations when using Eclipse and Java.