Performing Code Analysis when Building a Project in the IDE

Restriction: This topic applies to Windows environments only.

Before you build a project, enable code analysis in the project's or a build configuration's properties as follows:

  1. In COBOL Explorer, navigate to your project's properties.
  2. Expand Micro Focus > Project Settings > COBOL (or Micro Focus > Project Settings > Build Configurations) and click Code Analysis.
  3. Check Run active rule sets after build and one or more rule sets.

    To view and modify the set of rules that will be executed with each rule set, click Code Analysis Preferences.

  4. Click Apply and Close.

Having enabled code analysis for a project, to run code analysis on it you simply need to build the project. By default, Eclipse builds the project automatically, but if that option is disabled, click Project > Build Project.

Building a project with code analysis enabled produces analysis reports. Any messages from the code analysis are displayed in the Console view alongside the build messages and the reports are automatically displayed in the Micro Focus Code Analysis view. See The Micro Focus Code Analysis Window for details about how to view and navigate the reports.