The Micro Focus Code Analysis View

When you run code analysis or CSI queries on your code, the IDE automatically opens the Micro Focus Code Analysis view to display the results. (If you cannot see the window, you can open it manually by clicking Window > Show View > Other and choosing the Micro Focus > COBOL Analysis category.)

The following list shows some of the different operations that you can perform from Micro Focus Code Analysis view:

Show previous analyses
Click Show Previous Analyses (Show Previous Analyses) to open the Previous Analyses dialog box. Alternatively, to execute a past query, click and select one of the past queries.
Rerun a query
Analyze AgainClick Analyze Again ().
Show the details for all files listed in a report
Right-click in the view, and click Expand All or click Expand All in the toolbar.
Hide the details from the report
Right-click in the view, and click Collapse All or click Collapse All in the toolbar.
Navigate to the code
Double-click a line in the details for a file to navigate to the source code in the editor.
Arrange the results
Toggle between the two different ways of arranging the results - click Group By Program (Group By Program) to group the results by program or click Group By Rule (Group By Rule) to group them by rule.
Copy lines from the report
Right-click the line in the results, and click Copy.