Performing Code Analysis on Demand

You can run code analysis rules or rule sets on projects or files in the IDE to perform code analysis without building the sources.
Restriction: This topic applies to Windows environments only.

To run code analysis on demand:

  1. In COBOL Explorer, right-click a COBOL program, a selection of programs, or the entire project.

    Alternatively, right-click a COBOL program in the editor to perform analysis of that individual file.

  2. Click Code Analysis > rule or Code Analysis > rule set.

    This runs the selected rule or the rules enabled for a rule set on the source you have selected.

    To select rules that are not available on the context menu, click Code Analysis > Other. Select the rules that apply and click OK.

The Code Analysis reports are automatically displayed in the Micro Focus Code Analysis view. See The Micro Focus Code Analysis View for details about how to view and navigate the reports.