What is AWM?

Application Workflow Manager (AWM) is a framework integrated with Visual COBOL that provides a seamless customer-specific application development workflow for the Eclipse IDE workbench views.

The main view provided by AWM is the Application Explorer view. The content of the Application Explorer view is defined by an underlying AWM application model. By modifying the AWM application model you can extend the functionality and adapt the user interface of the views contributed by AWM to the workbench. This enables you to integrate an application development workflow tailored to your organization's requirements.

The modifications can be as simple as adding additional actions to context menus or as complex as providing functionality for a new tool that supports the application development cycle for your organization's development process. For example, maintaining or tracking your planing work items such as, stories, defects, or tasks depending on progress within your development project.

AWM includes a number of function packages that provide tool sets for specific application or functional area. For example, a function package is provided that enables you to work specifically with Eclipse resources. Another function package provides tools that enable you to work with RESTful Web applications. AWM enables you to integrate application development tools into the user interface, along with specifying the information flow between tools.

If you want to integrate tools which are not yet supported by AWM, then there is an interface that enables you to develop your own function package. See AWM API Programming and Extension Points for more information.