Clear the persistent cache in the workspace

The information displayed in the Application Workflow Manager view is persistently stored in the Eclipse workspace in several XML files when the Eclipse workbench is shut down or an application is unloaded. See Further Development and Maintenance in the Workflow Manager Modeling Guide for more information about those cache files.

In some error situations, it might be necessary to clear the cache, for example, if the cache has become inconsistent with the model or if there are error messages indicating an inconsistent cache. Micro Focus strongly recommends that you clear the cache. To do this, click Clear Cache on the context menu of an application in the tree view. This will open the Clear Cache dialog box. Check the options that you want to clear or click Select all, and then click OK.

This will ensure that the cache is cleared in a consistent way. In some special situations, it might be necessary to delete the files directly in the file system.

Note: This should only be done when instructed by Customer Care. In this case, it is important that Eclipse is shut down before the files are deleted.