Access Information about a Record Layout File

You can access information that is associated with a data file, including its corresponding record layout file and the conditions applied by each conditional layout:

  1. Right-click in the Data File Editor window; then click File Information on the context menu.

    Because a record layout file is now associated with the data file staff.dat, the File Information window has a new tab: Record Layouts.

  2. Click the Record Layouts tab.

    This tab displays information about the record layout file staff.str that is associated with staff.dat. The top of the tab shows the name and location of the record layout file.

  3. Under Layout Name, click MANAGER-REC.

    The Conditions box shows that, for Manager records, the field MN-POSITION is equal to M.

  4. Under Layout Name, click EXECUTIVE-REC.

    The Conditions box shows that, for Executive records, the field EX-POSITION is equal to E.

  5. Click Cancel to close the File Information window.