View Files in Hexadecimal

You can use Data File Editor to view and edit your data in hexadecimal:

  1. Right-click anywhere in the Data File Editor window and select Show Hex on the context menu.

    New panes appear at the bottom of the window. The left pane shows the selected record from the top left pane, with the hex beneath. For group and elementary field items only, the right pane shows the selected field from the top right pane, with the hex beneath.

    Each pair of hex digits is arranged vertically. For example, when you edit ANSI data, an M is shown in hex as "4" with a "D" beneath. If you can't see both lines of hex, make the window bigger by dragging its bottom edge downward.

  2. Right-click within the Data File Editor window and click Show Hex on the popup menu.

    The check mark by this menu item disappears, and the hex panes disappear.