Operation Properties - API Resources tab

Restriction: This topic applies only when the Enterprise Server feature is enabled.
Note: This topic applies to JSON (RESTful) Web services only. It is available only when creating new operations.
COBOL Resource
Each row represents a resource for a COBOL group item in the chosen entry point.
The optional relative URI path used to identify the resource associated with its generated operations, and the HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) that can be used to access the resource. To specify a parameter in the relative URI path, type a curly brace ({) and select an interface field from the list.

The table on this tab contains a resource entry for each COBOL group item in the chosen entry point, with a default path and default selected methods. When you press OK, a new operation is created for each of the selected methods of the selected resources. In general, each resource selection will generate, by default, a GET operation for retrieving the group item and a PUT operation for updating the item. For each COBOL group item with nonzero occurs (i.e. array), two separate resource entries are presented: