To debug files without a project

Note: The following functionality is only supported for native COBOL.

You can use Visual Studio to debug files that are opened in the IDE without a project. These can be standalone files or such that are opened in the IDE using the Open Folder functionality, Open > Folder.

To debug a file that does not have a project:

  1. Ensure the file has been compiled - see To compile individual files.
  2. Check and specify any debug options as required. You can do this in the following two places:
    • For standalone files - in the file properties window (accessed using F4) and the options in the Debug section.
    • In the Debugging Options dialog box, which starts immediately after you start debugging.

    You can specify any command line arguments, the start program and the working directory.

  3. Click Debug > Step into.

    If configured in the IDE options (Tools > Options > Micro Focus Tools > Standalone Editing > General), this opens the Debugging Options dialog box. Specify your preferences and click OK.

    The IDE enters in debug mode.

  4. Stet through the code in the usual way.

If you need to make changes to the code to fix problems, you must recompile before you start debugging again.