Visual COBOL Tutorials Guide

There are a number of tutorials that guide you through creating COBOL applications of various sorts using the Visual Studio IDE. The source files for the tutorials are the samples installed in subfolders of the %PUBLIC%\Documents\Micro Focus\Visual COBOL\Samples folder by default.

The following tutorials are available:

Tutorials on Native COBOL

Tutorial Shows you how to
Tutorial: Creating a Native COBOL Application Create a native COBOL application and debug using various debugging features.
Tutorial: Debugging COBOL Applications Remotely Edit and compile a native COBOL application locally. Copy the application files to a remote Windows machine, prepare for debugging and debug the application remotely.
Tutorial: Running Unit Tests in the IDE Create a unit test project, then within it create a test case that directly links to one of the sample applications supplied with Visual COBOL. This enables you to directly test your application source code.
Tutorial: Interface Mapping Toolkit Define a Java/EJB service interface to access a COBOL application, deploy it to Enterprise Server, generate and run a client to access the application.
Tutorial: Data File Tools View a variable length sequential file formatted and unformatted, and then create and edit an indexed file.
Tutorial: Classic Data File Tools Convert a data file to a variable length indexed sequential file and view in various formats using Data File Editor.
Tutorial: Using the Callable File Handler Use the Callable File Handler to perform a number of common file handling operations.

Tutorials on .NET COBOL

Tutorial Shows you how to
Tutorial: Developing .NET COBOL Applications Create a simple Windows application in .NET COBOL. You create a Windows form that says "Hello World".
Tutorial: Creating Windows Forms in COBOL Create a Windows form that interacts with an existing COBOL program.
Tutorial: Developing Web Application Projects Create a Web Application Project that interacts with an existing COBOL program.
Tutorial: Creating and Accessing WCF COBOL Services Create a WCF Service in COBOL and access it from a client application.

Note: To complete this tutorial, you need to use a more advanced edition of Visual Studio such as Professional, Enterprise or Community Edition.

Tutorial: Publishing Hello COBOL World to the Cloud Create a COBOL cloud service and then deploy and run it under Windows Azure.
Tutorials: SQL Server COBOL Stored Procedures Takes you through the steps required to create a SQL CLR stored procedure for OpenESQL and calling it from an OpenESQL application.
Tutorial: OpenESQL Assistant Create a COBOL program using OpenESQL Assistant to generate an SQL query.

Tutorials on security

Tutorial Shows you how to
Tutorial: Configuring SSL Security in the Server Configure SSL security.
Tutorial: Requesting and Issuing Server Certificates Request and issue server certificates using the scripts supplied with the demonstration CA.
Checking, Exporting and Importing Certificates Look at the certificates already installed on your machine, regardless of the Micro Focus Security Pack.