To automatically determine and set directives on COBOL files

Use the Determine Directives command in Solution Explorer in order for the IDE to scan the files in your project and set any required Compiler directives.
  1. If necessary, check and ensure the options for setting directives are the ones you require. Click Tools > Options > Micro Focus Tools > Directives > COBOL.
  2. In Solution Explorer, right-click your project or the file whose directives you want to set.
  3. Click Determine Directives.

    By default, this starts the Directive Determination Result dialog box that enables you to preview the suggested Compiler directives before applying them on the file.

  4. Ensure that the directives are as required and click OK.
    Each file is handled in turn, as follows:
    • The existing directives are removed
    • The IDE checks the file to determine what directives are required
    • Directives are set on the files as specified on the COBOL page in Tools > Options > Micro Focus Tools > Directives.

      If the directive is already set on project level, it is not set on file level.

  5. Check the Output window to see details about what directives have been set or unset.