Type Compatibility of .NET and JVM COBOL with Other Languages

Many .NET COBOL and JVM COBOL types have a strict correspondence with types in other languages, such as binary-long and float-short. For those that don't have a correspondence, there are alternatives.

The following table lists the correspondence between the .NET and JVM COBOL types and classes and types in other languages.

.NET or JVM COBOL .NET type JVM type C# keyword Description
Integer types:
binary-char System.SByte byte sbyte An 8-bit signed integer

Not CLS-compliant

binary-char unsigned System.Byte byte An 8-bit unsigned integer
binary-short System.Int16 short short A 16-bit signed integer

Not CLS-compliant

binary-short unsigned System.UInt16 ushort A 16-bit unsigned integer
binary-long System.Int32 int int A 32-bit signed integer
binary-long unsigned System.UInt32 uint A 32-bit unsigned integer

Not CLS-compliant.

binary-double System.Int64 long long A 64-bit signed integer
binary-double unsigned System.UInt64 ulong A 64-bit unsigned integer

Not CLS-compliant

Floating point types:
float-short System.Single float float A single-precision (32-bit) floating-point number
float-long System.Double double double A double-precision (64-bit) floating-point number
Logical types:
condition-value System.Boolean boolean bool A boolean value (true or false)
Other types:
character System.Char char char A unicode (16-bit) character
decimal System.Decimal see JVMDECIMAL. decimal A 96-bit decimal value
Class objects:
object System.Object java.lang.Object object The root of the object hierarchy
string System.String java.lang.String string An immutable, fixed-length string of Unicode characters
Collection types:
list System.Collections.Generic.IList<T> java.util.List An ordered collection of items
dictionary System.Collections.Generic.IDictionary<TKey, TValue> java.util.Map A mapping of keys to values
set System.Collections.Generic.ISet<T> java.util.Set<T>   An unordered collection of items


       local-storage section.
       01 aByte binary-char unsigned.
       01 aSignedByte binary-char.
       01 anInt16 binary-short.
       01 anInt32 binary-long.
       01 anInt64 binary-double.
       01 anUnsignedInt16 binary-short unsigned.
       01 anUnsignedInt32 binary-long unsigned.
       01 anUnsignedInt64 binary-double unsigned.
       01 aSingle float-short.
       01 aDouble float-long.
       01 aBoolean condition-value.
       01 aChar character.
       01 aDecimal decimal.
       01 anIntPtr type IntPtr.
       01 anUnsignedIntPtr type UIntPtr.
       01 anObject object.
       01 aString string.