To set up remote debugging for native COBOL applications

Restriction: The following applies to native code only.
  1. Before you start Visual COBOL, ensure that the local and remote systems are networked using TCP/IP.
  2. On the remote machine, start a Visual COBOL command prompt. If you need instructions, see To start a Visual COBOL command prompt.
  3. Start a cobdebugremote process by entering:
    cobdebugremote port=nnnnn

    where nnnn is the port number. We recommend that you use a port number greater than 1024 as numbers below are for system use.

    • By default, the cobdebugremote process exits after the debug session has completed. To keep the process running and listening for another connection, start the process with the repeat option:
      cobdebugremote port=nnnnn repeat
    • If you need to debug a 64-bit application, start cobdebugremote64 in the same way. For 64-bit-only remote products, this is the only available command.
  4. On both the remote and local machines, do one of the following:
    • Configure the firewall so it allows the Micro Focus Debugger Proxy V2.
    • Open a TCP port for communications in the firewall. The port number you add should be the one you specified on the cobdebugremote or cobdebugremote64 command line.