Installing the Micro Focus XDBC Client

The Micro Focus XDBC Client (also referred to as XDBC Client) provides a subset of the functionality provided in Micro Focus XDBC Server. This includes the following:

  • ODBC driver for ODBC-compliant Windows applications. Popular Microsoft Office applications, such as Access and Excel as well as Crystal Reports and Visual Basic programs, use the ODBC standard for connecting to external data sources. This driver enables users of these applications to connect to a database and execute SQL commands for data retrieval and manipulation purposes.
  • JDBC driver for Java applications. A JDBC driver that enables Java applications to connect to a database.
  • XDBC query tool. The query tool enables you to execute SQL commands and scripts directly on your database tables without having to connect to the database from a third-party application or go through an ODBC connection. This tool is meant for those knowledgeable in SQL programming.
  • Ping utility. System administrators use this utility to verify that the Micro Focus XDBC Local is able to connect to the Micro Focus XDBC Server.

Micro Focus XDBC Client enables client access to remote databases that are served by Micro Focus XDBC Server without the need for a Micro Focus runtime system (for example, Net Express) to be installed on the client.