FILE_PREFIX configuration variable

Use this variable to specify the directories in which Micro Focus XDBC should search for data files. You can specify multiple locations for your data files. Until you specify a data directory, Micro Focus XDBC will not let you log on.

You must prepend the line with a semi-colon, use double backslashes ("\\") or single forward slashes ("/") between directory names, and separate your paths by semi-colons. If any of your directories contain spaces, place the entire entry (including the prepended semi-colon) in quotation marks:

FILE_PREFIX ";c:\my dir1;c:\my dir2"

For best performance, list the directories in the order in which you want Micro Focus XDBC to search.


FILE_PREFIX   ";C:\\data\\data;\\XYZDomain\\data"


FILE_PREFIX   ";C:/data/data;/XYZDomain/data"

Use the DICTSOURCE variable to specify the location of your system catalog. Both DICTSOURCE and FILE_PREFIX are required.