4. Sample Configuration File

To use Micro Focus XDBC, you will need a configuration file that details the operating parameters for each of your databases. The default name of this configuration file is mfdbc.cfg.

To assist you in creating your own configuration files, a utility called mfgenconf is included in the Installation_Directory/bin directory. This file automatically generates a default Micro Focus XDBC configuration file that includes the required configuration variables set to the values that you define. It also enables you to specify an alternate directory name for the environment variable GENESIS_HOME and an alternate configuration file name. This utility generates the configuration file from a template file located in sample\mfdbc\mfdbc.in in the install directory. You may modify this template to reflect your site-specific settings.

mfgenconf takes the following commands:

mfgenconf [-d directory] [-c catalog] [-p prefix] [-n config_name]


-d     Specifies the directory name to use for the environment variable GENESIS_HOME. For details on this variable, see the section Installing Micro Focus XDBC Software.
-c Specifies an optional directory name to use for the system catalog.
-p Specifies a location (path) to your data files.
-n Specifies a name for the configuration file that is created.