Starting xdbcquery from the Command Line

Execute the following xdbcquery connect command. (No spaces are allowed between parameters.)

xdbcquery /cacuxdbc04:[user name]/[password]/gds10 : [configuration file name]


/c Is the xdbcquery connect command
acuxdbc04 Is the SQL driver with which to connect
user name ¹ Is the user name
password ¹ Is the user password
gds10 Is the driver providing access to the COBOL data files with which to connect
configuration file name     Is the file that specifies the data source and catalog location, which must be in %GENESIS_HOME% on Windows.


xdbcquery /cacuxdbc04:system/manager/gds10:mfdbc.cfg  
Note: If you have not set up database security, you can omit the user name and password, but you need to keep the two forward slashes before gds10 as place holders.

You are now connected to the system catalog and can execute xdbcquery-specific commands or execute SQL statements on your catalog tables. For the complete list of SQL commands and functions supported by Micro Focus XDBC, see the section Summary of Supported SQL Commands in the chapter Supported SQL Commands.