Gartner Report: Broaden application performance monitoring to support digital business transformation

Get more from APM by broadening your tool coverage to focus on three areas.


According to Gartner report, “Application performance monitoring (APM) capabilities have expanded considerably over the last three years, but the percentage of applications that enterprises monitor has not. To support your digital business transformation, you need to broaden your APM tool coverage to focus on business insight, customer experience and service health.

Today I&O leaders use APM primarily for detection, deep observation and analysis of issues in performance and availability of business applications. But even as the abilities of application performance monitoring solutions have grown in breadth, depth and effectiveness, I&O leaders struggle with APM’s cost and complexity, and remain at a loss when asked to provide a business justification for their monitoring efforts.

As a result, monitoring is perceived as an oversized expense, rather than as something that provides insight and business value.

I&O leaders focused on IT operations transformation should:

  • Isolate the causes of problems that have the greatest impact on customers by using digital experience monitoring (DEM) to track the performance of business-critical applications.
  • Provide business leaders with a view of the connection between application performance metrics and business outcomes by creating dashboards showing how application performance and digital experience impact business KPIs.
  • Deliver real-time insight into the flow of business processes and customer journeys by measuring, analyzing and visualizing the components of business processes to demonstrate how a flow or sequence can affect business results.
  • Expand the scope of APM practices by using APM solutions in concert with infrastructure monitoring to detect rapid changes in availability and performance that could limit business performance.”

Enterprises will quadruple their APM monitoring due to increasingly digitalized business processes from 2018 through 2021, to reach 20% of all business applications, according to Gartner.

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Gartner, Broaden Application Performance Monitoring to Support Digital Business Transformation, 26 December 2018, Charley Rich, Federico De Silva

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