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Accelerating multi-platform and cross-browser automated testing through shift-left collaboration with agile developers

Accelerate Testing with a Single Test Framework

Swiss Mobiliar sells its insurance through a Swiss-wide network of agents. Agents rely on a suite of applications to manage their customer queries, insurance policies, and claims documents. With web-based, mobile, and Java-developed applications, all on different release schedules, testing can be a challenge, as Elisabeth Schaniel, Test Automation Engineer, at Swiss Mobiliar explains: “As a company, Swiss Mobiliar embraced DevOps and agile methodologies a few years ago. We are still in a hybrid model, but many of our applications now follow an agile approach that deploys changes on nearly a daily basis. As a testing team, we felt it would be helpful to adopt an automated testing solution that would enable us to collaborate more effectively with our development colleagues while accelerating our testing efforts. We like the flexibility offered by Micro Focus UFT Developer as it gives us the opportunity to deploy the same test framework across multiple technologies and development languages. Other solutions we looked at worked great with web applications, but didn’t support Java, which is the basis of one of our most business-critical applications; in daily use with over 5,000 people.”

Seamless Integration and Multi-Platform Support

UFT Developer was implemented in-house, and the team took the opportunity to create an automated test framework, with an emphasis on reuse and transparency in an end-to-end testing environment. IntelliJ IDEA is leveraged as the Integrated Development Environment (IDE), and UFT Developer seamlessly integrates with this. As native mobile applications become more popular with Swiss Mobiliar’s customers, the team introduced Micro Focus UFT Mobile. Alexander Scholübbers, Java developer for Swiss Mobiliar, joined the team and is involved in the testing of mobile applications: “Our customers use an app to access their insurance details via their mobile. To test this, we were able to reuse UFT Developer test scripts and save time. The iOS- and Android-based app is tested using an Android device in our Windows environment. This connects directly to UFT Mobile, and we also have the option to access emulators, to support continuous omni-channel app testing.”

Adapting to ever-changing applications and responding with fast test script creation is made easier by UFT Developer’s Object Identification Center. “I like the fact that UFT Developer stores object information in application models so that you don’t have to keep everything in the code; you can put it in a distinct location and use it easily within an IDE. Our tests are deployed through TeamCity, a build management and continuous integration (CI) server. It helps us to develop faster and to support a CI pipeline,” says Scholübbers.

Weekly Time Saving of 15 Hours

On a daily basis, up to 30 end-to-end tests are executed automatically, early in the morning. The increased transparency of automated test execution is clear. When the team arrives, they check the results dashboard with detailed descriptions of test execution flow, and clear, actionable reasons for test failures. The entire automated test run takes approximately one hour. This replaces a manual three-hour process and needs no supervision, leaving the team free to collaborate with business stakeholders and create more in-depth tests. “Leveraging UFT Developer, we notice that new test creation happens faster every time, as a result of effective script reuse and experience within the team. Automated testing gives us a higher quality application and we are safe in the knowledge that human errors are excluded from the process,” comments Schaniel.

QA Team manager Thomas Würsten concludes: “We know UFT Developer and UFT Mobile are the right solutions for our team’s productivity. With the test automation giving us a weekly time saving of 15 hours, amounting to 37 percent productivity improvement, we now test more extensively, and test scripts are created faster. We appreciate the partnership we have developed with Micro Focus and feel very well supported, not only in all our present activities, but also with future plans.”


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Swiss Mobiliar with ADM case study

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