COBOL-IT: From legacy to modernity

COBOL-IT provides innovative and scalable solutions to enable enterprises to modernize their legacy COBOL applications. Founded in 2008, this combination of products, processes and partners enables companies to support evolving needs and embrace continuous modernization. A leader in the global COBOL community, COBOL-IT technology has migrated hundreds of customers, hundreds of thousands of users and hundreds of millions of lines of COBOL code.

The COBOL-IT Solution today

COBOL-IT supports the wider COBOL community with a comprehensive offering, including a robust and compact product suite, a high-quality, professional compiler, and a proven migration process – all created to preserve the functionality of strategic COBOL applications. Endorsed by the globe’s most experienced migration partners, COBOL-IT has a strong track record in re-hosting mission-critical COBOL applications to open systems, and the Cloud. COBOL-IT customers modernize legacy COBOL applications, and utilize best-of-breed open source solutions, cloud computing, big data and cognitive technology to maximize the benefits of DevOps practices.

Partnership agreements between COBOL-IT and leading platform vendors, legacy modernization specialists, and software solutions in open systems ensure that moving to COBOL-IT can be accomplished rapidly, at low-risk, everywhere in the world.

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