GroupWise Messaging Makes Collaboration Easy

Get modern messaging for the workplace

Micro Focus GroupWise® turns calendaring and emailing features into an efficient, modern package. GroupWise also features instant messaging, contact and document management functions, task management features, and a dynamic, flexible interface that enables users to use GroupWise the way they want to. Users can easily access GroupWise features throughout their workday, enabling users to manage, monitor, and be productive while on the go.

Highlight what matters most with GroupWise collaboration technology

Instead of switching between multiple applications to see workplace messages and emails, GroupWise features a Home View dashboard that enables you to see all your messages on one screen. The Home View also consolidates the web applications and tools you most commonly use for any given aspect of your work.

Increase productivity with messaging and calendaring features

Messaging is the easiest, most efficient way of communicating throughout the office. Furthermore, email and messaging significantly increase personal productivity. GroupWise enables users to communicate in real-time with other GroupWise users, regardless of what device they’re using. You can also inform coworkers if you are available or unavailable to chat with presence indicators. The option of saving conversations between coworkers not only ensures that important information is recorded, but also enables you to make informed decisions. GroupWise is also available on mobile features including iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry. There are also features that cover Android and iPad interfaces for a seamless experience.

Additionally, GroupWise enables users to create and schedule meetings easily with the calendaring features. The Calendar view enables you to easily see your tasks, appointments, and meetings on one screen, which enables higher productivity.

Stay organized and efficient with content and task management

To ensure that you are completing tasks as needed, collaboration is necessary. GroupWise simplifies the collaboration process by easily managing your contact lists and enabling quick, easy access to important contact information. By managing contact information, GroupWise enables users to assign project tasks as needed. Users can accept or reject assignment tasks and easily track assignment progress throughout the project lifecycle. Assignments that are sent through email are easily turned into tasks by moving the email into the Tasklist folder, which ensures that you stay organized and on top of project deadlines.

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