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Data Privacy and Regulatory Pressure

Regulatory pressures are increasing, with data privacy a global trend. Voltage solutions provide insight, control, automation, and policy-based management of data continuously through the data lifecycle—from discovery to disposition.


Data privacy readiness

Begins with continuous data discovery.


PII/personal data encryption

Enables privacy, neutralizes data
breach impacts.


Test/Dev privacy compliance

Requires integrated data generation
and encryption.

Data privacy readiness

Automate the discovery and analysis of unstructured data through AI-powered analytics. Highly scalable SaaS file analysis provides continuous data discovery, tagging, and context-aware analytics for unstructured data classification, protection, and management.

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PII/personal data encryption

Pseudonymize and anonymize sensitive personal data to enable privacy. Voltage encryption secures sensitive structured data at field-level for persistent data protection wherever data is, with usability and utility built-in.

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Test data management

Encrypt production data for meaningful analytics and privacy in test/development. Structured data manager automates test data generation and encryption to accelerate understanding of issues in application development and analytics use cases.

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Related Products


Voltage Data Discovery

Cloud-based file analysis quickly finds, secures, and protects sensitive data.


Voltage SecureData Enterprise

Voltage format-preserving encryption, hashing, tokenization and masking protects personal data persistently, wherever it is used.


Voltage Structured Data Manager

Automatically discovers sensitive data across all structured repositories, active and inactive, and protects with Voltage encryption.

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