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Introducing LoadRunner Cloud. Extremely scalable cloud-based load and
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Cloud-based testing solution that makes it easy to plan, run and scale performance tests without the need to deploy and manage infrastructure


Scalability using AWS

LoadRunner Cloud can scale to huge, it enables you to easily scale your load-testing solution to more than 5 million virtual-user load tests.


Reduce hardware maintenance

Cloud-based hosting saves time and costs. There’s no need to manage and maintain infrastructure such as controllers or load generators.


Identify problems faster

LoadRunner Cloud uses predictive analytics to help you understand anomalies and problems in real time with extensive reporting capabilities.


Virtualize real network conditions

Integrated Network Virtualization enables you to apply accurate network conditions during testing to uncover performance issues.


Leverage integration

Developers can use open source scripting tools like JMeter and Gatling, or integrate with their CI systems such as Jenkins, Bamboo to automatically run tests in the agile cycle.


Easier procurement with AWS

Simple, no-hassle procurement and billing experience through the AWS Marketplace.

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  • Here’s how LoadRunner Cloud on AWS works for customers

    Here’s how LoadRunner Cloud on AWS works for customers

    • Customers can create scripts that simulate user behavior against the application under test.
    • LoadRunner Cloud spins up load generators that execute those scripts to simulate a large number of users accessing the application at the same time.
    • LoadRunner Cloud interprets the results, identifies failures, highlights technologies that can cause current and future disruptions, and then helps the customer identify the root cause of bottlenecks.
    • LoadRunner Cloud allows the user to compare results measured against the on-premises application with the results garnered from testing the migrated application.
    Micro Focus LoadRunner Cloud in AWS Marketplace

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