Web Performance Testing

Always be ready to handle peak web traffic and give stellar user experience. Web performance matters to your customers and affects your bottom line.

Simulate real user behavior

Mix API and UI level testing, emulate real life network conditions, and test across various devices and browsers.

Optimize page load times

Utilize powerful, predictive analytics, complete client, network & server breakdown reports and access 3rd party monitoring & open source integrations.

Scale to your peak

Reach extreme loads with ease, experience resilience, stress & endurance testing and accommodate up to 1M+ VUsers.

Mastering peak traffic with performance testing
Mastering peak traffic with performance testing

When peak traffic hits, both external applications and internal applications are impacted, causing losses in revenue, brand reputation, and employee productivity. To make sure you are ready for a peak season—whenever it hits—here are 8 best practices to implement an effective performance test for both consumer-facing and internal applications.

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John Lewis bulletproofs testing with performance center

40% of John Lewis’ business and £1bn in revenue comes from its e-commerce website. The UK retailer chose Quality Center, LoadRunner and Performance Center on SaaS for a ‘’blip-free’’ transition for drastic re-platforming and to meet the needs of ever-growing traffic.

N Brown group meets the challenge of the e-shopping boom
N Brown group meets the challenge of the e-shopping boom

Testing using Infuse solutions enabled by Micro Focus proved that the systems could maintain a minimum of 700 transactions per second across its global markets with no impact on customer service. The result was that the latest boom periods went ahead successfully with no downtime or service degradation. This was accomplished by using StormRunner Load and useMango test factory.

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Free burst test with 15k VUsers

Can you handle peak web traffic? Sign up to receive a free burst test with StormRunner Load and test your apps performance with 15,000 VUsers. Deploy global cloud load generators, simulate different networks, and enjoy powerful analytics.

Be ready for peak traffic
Be ready for peak traffic

Solid online sales come with solid web performance and website load testing checklists. Prepare your ecommerce website for expected and unexpected traffic, so you know you can satisfy everyone’s shopping list.

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