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6 Oct 2020

Micro Focus Digital Safe Enables Customers to Manage Risk and Drive Business Value with Enhanced Security, Scale and Performance

SaaS-Based Unified Compliance Archiving and Supervisor Re-Architected to Drive User Efficiencies for Compliance, Legal, and Privacy-Based Use Cases

SANTA CLARA, CA – October 6, 2020Micro Focus (LSE: MCRO; NYSE: MFGP) today announced the availability of its modern cloud-native, unified digital compliance archiving and supervisor platform, Digital Safe 10 Archive and Supervisor, that delivers unprecedented productivity in business-critical information archiving, discovery, compliance and audit tasks. The new capabilities are delivered in a scalable services-oriented architecture designed to support today’s strategic need for a robust, secure, and enterprise-class compliant digital archiving solution.

Enterprise data continues to be the lifeblood of the organization, which is why the need to govern this information in line with regulatory, industry and jurisdictional requirements is growing in importance.  Organizations need to manage risk associated with this information from the original point of entry, to secure digital archiving, to rich reporting.  Organizations also are looking to derive insights from the data they manage to drive business value. Micro Focus Digital Safe Archive and Supervisor builds on the concepts of a compliance data lake to enable high-performance queries across diverse types of business-critical data. The contextual-based search is a scalable, optimized indexing engine delivering unprecedented flexibility, integrity, accuracy, and performance.

“Coupled with break-through technology and services that enable existing customers to tap into new capabilities without service disruption or data migration, Digital Safe 10 Archive and Supervisor offers the confidence of security, scale and performance that helps organizations manage legal and compliance-related risk,” said Scott Richards, General Manager, IMG, Micro Focus. “With robust new features our platform now also provides a unified search, surveillance, discovery, and analytic insights experience that enables customers in highly regulated companies to derive value from the data managed in a compliance archive.”

This release of Micro Focus Digital Safe 10 Archive and Supervisor includes a range of innovative enhancements:

  • Precise Search: Smart filtering and fast results presentation offers greater search control through precision.
  • User Experience: Search personalization increases ease of use, productivity, customization and flexibility for daily activities. 
  • Supervisor Workflow: Enhanced visual dashboards enable supervision managers to efficiently oversee and control teams’ productivity and quality.
  • User Experience Engineering: A new level of interactivity provides users the ability to refine and control search and audits, accelerating project completion by up to 3 times.
  • Analytical Reporting and Insights: Streamline discovery and supervision across multiple messaging channels.
  • Flexible Sampling Controls: Simplify workflow customization for specific user profiles.

Micro Focus’ modern unified Digital Safe 10 Archiving and Supervisor solution supports highly regulated industries and furthers the Micro Focus commitment to helping the market manage compliance, regulatory, privacy and reputational risks.

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The latest releases (r2020.2) of Micro Focus Digital Safe 10 Archive and Digital Safe 10 Supervisor are now available to customers worldwide.

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