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Push multitudes of changes easily – without the pains of merging

Streams model complex development workflows and delivery processes to support parallel development efforts. Streams allow you to push multitudes of changes of any size to 10s or 100s of streams in seconds.


Streams speed up development time

Streams allow development teams to gain visibility into active changes, make well informed real-time decisions, and greatly reduce time and manual work often found with traditional branching and merging.


Improve your software delivery with Change-Based Development

Change-based development guarantees which stories, issues, or defects are in a release and is traceable throughout the entire SDLC. Give development teams full change-based traceability to accelerate delivery.


Built–in SCM best practices

Developers work in their own private workspace streams (sandboxes). This encourages continual commits of “in progress” work without prematurely sharing private changes with other team members.


Git adoption in the enterprise with GitCentric

An Enterprise Git solution which addresses the unique needs of large enterprise software development environments. It allows for enterprise security and central administration without disruption to the Git users.


AccuSync Integration

The integration of AccuSync with AccuRev® provides full visibility of artifacts such as issues, defects, and stories, from any third-party system to AccuRev. Information automatically syncs to whichever tools a user chooses.


IDE plug-ins

AccuRev tightly integrates with the Eclipse, Visual Studio, and IntelliJ Integrated Development Environments (IDEs). This enables developers to stay within one integrated environment without switching between an IDE and AccuRev.



GitCentric enables the power and flexibility of Git to be augmented with security, auditability, and development process visualization. Developers have the freedom to use Git without compromising any Enterprise standards or governances.


Jenkins Integration

AccuRev integrates tightly with Jenkins, a popular build tool for developers, release managers, and agile development shops.


Atlassian Crucible

For code review, there’s tight integration with Atlassian Crucible. Dev shops collaborate and perform continuous improvement with Crucible.


SmartBear Collaborator

Improve software quality through collaboration. Enterprise peer code and document review for any size team.

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