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Simplify software complexity.

Simplify software complexity.

Get the governance and compliance capabilities you need to manage complexity. AccuRev helps you implement modern development practices at enterprise scale.

Audit Trail

Gain visibility and traceability.

All processes and operations are TimeSafe. This feature guarantees the reproducibility of the source base and enables a strong, traceable audit trail.


Support multiple codebases – no matter how simple or complex.

Gain visibility and traceability.

Change Packages

Support change-based development.

Change Packages guarantee which stories, issues, and defects are in a release. The “change asset” is traceable throughout the entire software delivery lifecycle.

Process Modeling

Control change.

Dynamically control all “in progress” changes for the entire development organization by graphically modelling the development process.

Additional Features

IDE Integration

Integrate with Eclipse, Visual Studio, and IntelliJ integrated development environments.


Allow Git use without compromising any enterprise standards or governance.


Integrate with Jenkins, a popular build tool for developers, release managers, and Agile shops.

Customer Success

Our customers do more.

  • “AccuRev lets us easily change the code stream inheritance and move code around to adapt to changing business priorities.”

    Michelle Lawson
    Director Business Applications
    Skopos Financial
  • “Having AccuRev at the center of our source code has given us a level of control we were lacking previously.”

    Peter Angus
    Software Test Manager
    Schneider Electric


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