ALM Octane

Micro Focus ALM Octane

Comprehensive lifecycle management platform for high-quality application delivery

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Quality Management

Use continuous testing to ensure quality while accelerating delivery. Track pipeline coverage, analysis, and code changes to identify risk.

Enterprise Agile

Scale your Agile processes beyond the team level to the enterprise with customized workspace configurations and corporate level visibility in many ways.

Comprehensive Platform Capabilities

The robust governance framework provides traceability with support for business rule engines, customizable forms, user roles permissions, and rich reporting.

Adaptable to your business process

Run ALM or Quality Center in parallel with ALM Octane to have optimal lifecycle management for your organization’s Waterfall, Hybrid, or Agile projects.

Out of the box

Leverage out of box integrations with open source and 3rd party commercial tools to achieve comprehensive lifecycle management with end-to-end visibility.

Block based replication
Continuous Pipelines and Delivery

Real time status into CI and CD ecosystems. View committed changes, identify possible root causes of failures and track commits associated with specific user stories and defects.

Orange Labs transforms development and testing with ALM Octane


How to choose the right Enterprise Agile platform

Enterprise-scale Agile practice has fundamental differences from Team-level Agile practice. Read about the challenges and criteria for Enterprise Agile tools and how to make the best choice for your team.

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