Cloud Service Automation

Cloud Management Platform

Core component of Hybrid Cloud Management (HCM), simplifies management of any cloud, platform or infrastructure.

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Simple, powerful self-service portal

Unify catalogs from multiple cloud vendors and simplify offerings with flexible, attribute-based service designs that accommodate many variations in a single offering.

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Design-once, run-anywhere service designs

Create cloud-agnostic service designs to deploy and manage all your hybrid IT services. Design a service once, and users can order it anytime and run it anywhere.

Single point of management for hybrid resources

Provision and manage any mix of cloud and on-premise resources while maintaining visibility into all deployed services.

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Provision and manage container workloads

Design hybrid services that include containers and traditional components while deploying and scaling container hosts.


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Multi-tenancy and role-based access control

Manage access to services and the cloud - multi-tenancy provides multiple catalogs to each organization while role-based access control allow users to access their approved options.

Accelerate success
Drive all execution through Operations Orchestration

Increase IT staff efficiency by orchestrating any process within your deployed service designs, from infrastructure deployment to anything as a service (XaaS).

NNIT embraces cloud automation to transform service delivery

A move to cloud-based services and wide-scale automation has reduced costs and improved delivery times. This has enabled the business to move into new markets, and standardize a global product offering.


Deliver IT services on any cloud, any container, any infrastructure

Hybrid Cloud Management delivers and manages a full spectrum of hybrid and multi-cloud environments to accelerate your application innovations.

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