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CORBA Add-on for Cloud, Containers, & Virtual Environments

Extend CORBA to virtual environments & beyond.


Extend your CORBA applications to operate in the cloud, in virtual environments, in Docker containers, and on Kubernetes. CORBA Add-on for Cloud, Containers, & Virtual Environments (CCVE) efficiently and effectively solves the fundamental problem of network isolation.


IIOP Domain Boundary Controller.

I-DBC enables CORBA to communicate easily and securely across network boundaries where Network Address Translation (NAT) or containerization occurs.

Transparent address translation of CORBA object references on-the-wire.
Clustering and replication features for load-balancing and fault tolerance.


SPS and Security

Advanced security with Security Policy Server.

SPS is a centralized server that supports authentication, authorization, fine-grained access control, flexibly configurable security audit, logging, and alarm reporting.

Controlled and accountable access to resources and CORBA application servers.
Manages and deploys security policies, with LDAP integration.


Administration Console

Easily configure and manage I-DBC and SPS.

The Administration Console provides a graphical interface for remotely configuring and administering I-DBC and SPS deployments.

Define and deploy complete and detailed security policies.


Additional Features

Deploy CORBA in Docker Containers

Tooling, configuration, and samples to containerize your CORBA applications.

Deploy CORBA on Kubernetes Clusters

Deploy dynamically scalable, highly available CORBA applications on Kubernetes.

On-the-Wire Interoperability

CORBA compliant IIOP support for secure interoperability with compliant ORBs.


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CORBA Add-on for Cloud, Containers, & Virtual Environments

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