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ORB and CORBA services for C++ and Java.

OpenText™ VisiBroker is a comprehensive CORBA environment for developing distributed applications. Built on open standards and a high-performance architecture, VisiBroker is especially suited to low-latency, complex, mission-critical environments.

Unrivaled Scalability

Architected for the best performance.

VisiBroker includes efficient implementations of the GIOP protocol and ORB core, sophisticated configurable thread and connection management, and Java NIO networking.

Unrivaled Scalability
High throughput and low latency delivered reliably.
Unrivaled Scalability
Easily scale to large numbers of connected clients and servers.


Advanced Security

Securing applications beyond TLS.

VisiSecure has all the latest TLS features but also includes a full CSIv2 implementation. SAS protocol enables advanced features such as identity assertion.

GIOP over TLS provides authentication, confidentiality, and integrity.
End-to-end, fine-grained Object security can be configured.

Advanced Security

Notification and Telecom Log Service

Publish-and-Subscribe paradigm for CORBA.

Achieve scalable and efficient delivery of structured events with advanced Quality of Service, filtering, and scheduling features.

Notification service provides connection and event reliability for guaranteed delivery.
Telecom Log service enables persistent log of events for disaster recovery.

Notification and Telecom Log Service

Additional Features

VisiNaming Service and Object Clusters

Gain flexible load balancing and high availability through configured redundancy.

RMI-over-IIOP and Java-to-IDL

Migrate RMI applications to the high-performance VisiBroker runtime.

Real-Time CORBA Features in C++

Pair with VisiBrokerRT for applications that span onto embedded targets.

Unified CORBA Framework for C++ and Java

Common configuration and tools simplifies administration of applications.

CORBA Services Installed and Ready to Use

Visibroker features Naming, Event, Time Services, Interface Repository, and more.

Bi-Directional GIOP & Flexible Proxy-Servers

VisiBroker Gatekeeper is included. Upgrade to Micro Focus I-DBC is available.


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