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ZENworks Desktop

Better application distribution through containers and streaming.


ZENworks Desktop Containers and Application Streaming helps you build secure containers. Then, efficiently distribute virtual applications to desktops for improved remote work and learning.

Application Containerization

Extend application value.

Package legacy applications and browsers in containers with their needed dependencies and plugins.


Eliminate application conflicts with locally installed software.


Simplify application deployment, upgrades, and maintenance.


Application Streaming

Click-and-run applications. Really.

Stream containerized, PC-native, and web applications to corporate and bring-your-own devices, across multiple operating systems.

No local application installation required.

Simpler and more cost-effective than VDI.

Data Access

Network tunneling—built in.

Allow secure application access to corporate network resources. Control storage access to users’ network shares and approved corporate storage.

Works with Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, and Micro Focus Filr.

Limit access to trusted network resources.

Additional Features

Remote Learning

Learning Tool Integration links your LMS with desktop containers and application streaming.

Application Library

Combine and customize thousands of apps with little to no expertise.

Application Packaging

Quickly build apps using the library, or capture new apps from the ground up.

Customer Success


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ZENworks Desktop Containers

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