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Dimensions CM

Providing software change and configuration management

Dimensions CM

Your Agile teams will love our software change and configuration management (SCCM) tool. This process-based solution automates Agile development tasks and supports common databases, advanced network compression, and advanced library-cache technology.

Parallel Development

Optimize the developer experience.

Your Agile teams can work closely together by annotating code, highlighting findings, and starting discussion threads.

Cut down on rework

Cut down on rework through collaborative, parallel development.

Visualize and reduce

Visualize and reduce conflicts, lower risk, and improve team velocity and throughput.

Parallel Development


Leverage an integrated SCCM tool.

Dimensions CM works with your Agile request planning and tracking tool. You can even control you Docker images with our SCCM solution.

Streamline approval and simplify rollback and recovery.

Maintain the integrity of automated builds and deployments.

Native Git Integration

Support developer tools.

Store code in a CM stream while enjoying the familiar Git user experience. Developers can share streams with Git or Dimensions CM.

Let your developers use the Git command line, their IDEs, and other tools.

Use Dimensions CM as a single, remote repository.

Additional Features

Shift-Left Support

Identify issues as soon as a code commit occurs via Pulse.

Enterprise Repository

Gain detailed auditing and logging and immutable versioning and history.

No-Touch Compliance

Tamperproof history and audit trails minimize audit preparation.

Awards and Accolades

Customer Success

Our customers do more.

  • “We value the end-to-end integration within one toolset, a single way to manage all metadata through the lifecycle right from birth to production.”

    Adrian Nelson
    General Manager, Architecture and Project Management
    MTN South Africa


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Dimensions CM

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