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Dimensions RM

Enterprise-level requirements management.

Dimensions RM

OpenText™ Dimensions RM is a full-featured requirements management solution. Its web-based capabilities enable efficiency in modern system and software development.


Manage complexity.

Dimensions RM gives you visibility with wizard-driven reporting, a graphical workflow editor, and role-based dashboards.

Test Management
Easily manage requirements reuse, variant management, and more.
Test Management
Quickly define requirement states, transitions, and trace rules.



Embrace Change.

Track the relationships among requirements, defects, and tests throughout the application lifecycle.

Uses requirement and test coverage analysis to make sure requirements are met.
Leverages a traceability matrix to test the right part of your application.

Embrace Change

Hybrid Development

Support hybrid development.

With Dimensions RM, you can link Agile and traditional artifacts, store requirements in a central repository, and get rid of siloes with collaboration features.

Standardize requirements across projects.
Support collaboration with discussions, voting, and workflow-driven notifications.

Hybrid Development

Additional Features


Highly regulated companies can reuse requirements without giving up audit tracking.


Support for requirements process and lifecycle integrations enable full traceability.


Use the Hub Connector to easily integrate with solutions like TFS, Rally, and Jira.

Awards and Accolades

Leader in GigaOM Radar for RSLM
Leader in GigaOM Radar for RSLM


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Dimensions RM

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Dimensions RM

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