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File Reporter for OES

Detailed file storage intelligence for OES systems.


Identify files stored on your OES enterprise network and who has access to them. Identify risks and make accurate decisions about optimizing and securing your data.

Trending Reports

Content volume? Know for sure.

See your network content volumes and how fast they are growing. Then remove or rehome data and determine the need for additional storage.


Know and plan for your data storage needs.


Practice good data hygiene.


Enterprise Reports

See the big content picture.

Comprehensive reporting on metadata and file rights that are stored on servers across your enterprise.

Know everything about the files stored on your servers.

Permissions Reports

Win compliance and data security.

Specify assigned file system rights down to the file level. See who has access to what files across your network.

Improve compliance with data security and privacy regulations.

Additional Features

Storage Analysis

Quickly modify and graphically present findings for your network storage.

Custom Queries

Identify and extract any storage data or security information you need.


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File Reporter for OES

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