Collaborate Securely With Less Administration

Secure file sharing means better data and protected users.

Take back control

Filr enables you and your IT staff to determine which users are allowed to share files, which files they can share, and with whom they can share them.

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Leverage existing file servers

You’ve already set up your access rights, quotas, firewalls, backup, and disaster recovery systems. Filr leverages all of that by working with your file servers and Active Directory or NetIQ® eDirectory.

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Bring the office everywhere

Make users productive from day one. Filr gives users access to all their files and shared network folders from any device or location. Wherever they are, users can access files and folders as if they’re in the office.

Case Studies


Filr delivers full data control and instant file access from any device, improving user productivity.

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Regensburg University

Filr delivers improved collaboration through seamless file access and sharing from any device or location.

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Micro Focus Filr delivers efficient and cost-effective file sharing solution.

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As a web based solution, the Filr appliance also allows us to give all staff remote access to their files and folders from home, dramatically increasing the availability of home working from a few hundred to all staff. This improves our overall productivity and enables us to reduce the costs of remote access solutions.

Tristan David—HEAD OF ICT
Oxleas NHS Foundation

Micro Focus Filr: safer than the cloud for your business


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