Secure, enterprise-grade file sharing, and collaborative co-editing for workers everywhere.

Work together when you’re apart
Work together when you’re apart

Real-time collaborative co-editing on dozens of file types means that workers can still work together no matter where they are. Learn more.

Leverage existing file servers
Leverage existing file servers

Filr leverages access rights, quotas, firewalls, backup, and disaster recovery systems by working with existing file servers and directories. Learn more.

Bring the office everywhere
Bring the office everywhere

Make users productive from day one by giving them access to all their files and shared network folders from any device or location. Learn more.

Take back control

Filr enables you to determine which users are allowed to share files, which files they can share, and who they can share them with. Learn more.

Dive deeper. Discover more.

  • Take back control

    Take back control

    Take back control

    Take back control

    Filr provides many security features to keep your organization’s data safe. Access restrictions to the Filr virtual appliance give IT the power to control who uses the appliance.The capability to encrypt the data transfer between the Filr virtual appliance and the external Filr database increases data security.

    Safer Than the Cloud for Your Business

Case Studies


Filr delivers full data control and instant file access from any device, improving user productivity.

Regensburg University

Filr delivers improved collaboration through seamless file access and sharing from any device or location.


Filr delivers an efficient and cost-effective file sharing solution.

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Micro Focus Filr Edition Comparison

Filr Versions



On-premise/Self-Hosted x x
File Sharing x x
Secure Access x x
Reuses existing storage investments x x
API Support x x
Open Enterprise Server support x x
Rich reporting x x
Audit reports x x
Mobile apps x x
Files on-demand for Desktop Client x x
Support for multiple virtualization software x x
Device registration and remote wipe x x
Commenting x x
Rich searching capabilities x x
Email notifications x x
Home directory integration x x
Enhanced integration with
Access Manager (for SSO support)
x x
Linux desktop client x x
Microsoft Office plugin x x
Collaborative co-editing x
Net Folder sharing x
Custom rebrand capability x
Data loss prevention (with file-type blocking) x
Outlook plugin x
Multifactor authentication (integrates with NetIQ) x
Protection against Ransomware x
Support for Zoning x
File receive links x
Access reports for users x
release-rel-2021-4-1-6068 | Thu Apr 8 23:24:12 PDT 2021
Thu Apr 8 23:24:12 PDT 2021