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GroupWise Mailbox Management


Complete overview of proxy rights

GroupWise Mailbox Management enables you to take complete control of your users' proxy rights for both single or multiple selected users. You can easily change proxy access rights by adding or removing users from the proxy access list. GroupWise Mailbox Management also enables you to report, print, and export data at the system, domain, post office, and user levels.


Customizable rules management

Whether you’re looking to enable, disable, or delete mailbox rules, GroupWise Mailbox Management enables you to do so with ease.


Eliminate junk mail

Stop junk mail from entering your message system with customizable junk mail settings. A complete overview of junk mail settings and junk mail lists enable you to easily add or remove addresses or domains from junk mail lists.


Flexible environment settings

GroupWise Mailbox Management provides you a complete overview of mailbox settings, including Cleanup Options, Archive Location, and Disk Space Management. This complete overview enables you to change mailbox environment settings to fit your unique needs.


Manage folders with ease

With complete overview of folder structure for each mailbox, GroupWise Mailbox Management enables you to easily manage mailbox folders to keep your GroupWise system organized. GroupWise Mailbox Management also provides a complete overview of folder details per mailbox, so you know exactly what each of your folders hold.


Easy system management

Managing your GroupWise mailboxes is easier than ever with GroupWise Mailbox Management. The solution provides a complete overview of users as well as document properties, including FID, expiration data, disabled logins, visibility, system, domain, and post office properties. Printing and exporting data is easy as well.


Address book management

Keep your address books organized with GroupWise Mailbox Management. You can easily copy, modify, print, export, and delete address books, address book entries, and address book shares.


Manage email signatures

GroupWise Mailbox Management enables you to copy, modify, print, and export signatures with just a few clicks. You can also select default signatures for individual users or groups.

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