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Insight Engine & Intelligent Search Tools

AI-based search engine tools—powered by IDOL.
OpenText™ IDOL Insight Engine & Intelligent Search gives customers and employees insight into all your unstructured data. Its AI, analytics capabilities, and natural language processing help you answer your questions with strategic insight.

OpenText™ IDOL Connectors

No more data silos.

Connect to over 150 different content repositories and 1,500 file types. Get advanced data synchronization, access, and viewing functionality.

AI provides intelligent data discovery.
Consistency through automation.

IDOL Connectors

Natural Language Processing

Ask the questions you want answered.

IDOL structures your queries so you get answers to the questions you want to ask. Give users a powerful search experience without having to know the right keywords.

Pinpoint key data quickly.
Users easily find answers without complicated queries.

Ask the questions you want answered.

Preconfigured Dashboards

Discover insights you didn’t know you needed.

IDOL has over 500 analytical functions and preconfigured, customizable dashboards to surface new insights that make a difference to your business.

Be the first to know important insights from your data.
Out-of-the-box dashboards quickly help you make better, data-driven decisions.

Preconfigured Dashboards

Additional Features

Natural Chatbot Responses

Natural language chatbot responses that pull from the vast knowledge in your data.

Cross-Document Analytics

Understand large document sets by identifying common information across documents.

Information Retrieval Engine

Combine concepts, facets, fuzzy logic, and more for the best search experience.

Customer Success

Our customers do more.


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Insight Engine & Intelligent Search Tools

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