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LoadRunner Professional

Simplify load and performance testing.

Simplify load and performance testing.

Our solution simplifies performance load testing for colocated teams. With project-based capabilities, your teams can quickly identify abnormal application behavior.

Load Testing

Simplify load testing.

We support performance testing for the widest range of protocols and more than 50 technologies and application environments.


Supports MQTT, HTML5, WebSockets, RDP, Citrix, Java, .NET, Oracle, and SAP.


Reduces scripting time with scripting and debugging engine.


Autocorrelation Engine

Test faster.

Quickly identify the most likely causes of performance issues with a patented auto-correlation engine.

Provides IDE to integrate with development environments.

Enables performance testing ear¬lier in the application lifecycle.


Boost confidence.

Accurately predict application scalability and capacity with accurate emulation of realistic loads.

Emulates hundreds or thousands of concurrent virtual users.

Reproduces real business processes.

Additional Features

Flexible Test Scenarios

Run high-scale tests with minimal hardware  and leverage the public cloud to scale up or down.


Easily create, record, correlate, replay, and enhance scripts for better load testing.

Continuous Testing

Built-in integrations include IDE, CI/CD, open source test automation, monitoring, and source code management tools.

Awards and Accolades

Customer Success

Our customers do more.


saved in employment costs per year


defects identified and fixed before go-live


improvement in application delivery time

  • “I’m a LoadRunner man. I’ve used it for more than 10 years and it’s excellent. A first-class product; an analysis tool to die for so it was top of my list.”

    Nicholas Godfrey
    Senior Performance Analyst, Channel 4
  • “Supports multiple protocols, easy to install and use, and handles large workloads.”

    Regional Head Customer Experience
  • “One of the most valuable features of this solution is recording and replaying, and the fact that there are multiple options available to do this.”

    Nikhil Jain, Performance Test Lead
    Financial Services Firm


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