Mobile Center

Mobile Testing

Micro Focus Mobile Center provides an enterprise level end-to-end lab of real mobile devices and emulators to support building a memorable app experience

Certificate 1
Enterprise-grade lab management

Scalable solution that supports multiple projects and campaigns in the enterprise organization for virtual cross-functional and cross-geography teams

App and browser testing and monitoring

Run manual, automated, performance and security mobile app tests on real mobile devices for native, hybrid and web mobile apps and execute cross-browsers use cases

Certificate 1
Centralized gateway

Full control of all mobile apps, devices, and emulators across the organization, segregated to workspaces

Cloud secure
Scalable deployment

Deploy on-premise or in a hybrid infrastructure, leverage local or cloud-hosted mobile devices

Accelerate success
Continuous improvement and optimization

Analyze the usage and provide metering information for the system utilization to support business decisions



Redefine the mobile experience now

Why wait? Try Mobile Center, and take advantage of a predictable and repeatable mechanism for testing, monitoring, and improving your mobile apps throughout its lifecycle.

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