NetIQ Sentinel Log Manager

Log Management for Simplified Compliance and Security

An all-in-one software appliance that enables the collection, storage, analysis, and management of IT infrastructure event and security logs.

Log Management for Simplified Compliance and Security
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Increase performance, security, and flexibility

Sentinel Log Manager is the industry’s first log management solution available as a software appliance. Out-of-the box event collection capabilities eliminate time-consuming maintenance processes.

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Gain visibility with distributed search

Distributed search capabilities can seamlessly search events on all your Sentinel Log Manager servers around the globe.

Simplify regulatory compliance with one-click reporting

Eliminate complex audit reporting processes with Sentinel Log Manager’s easy and intelligent One-Click Reporting. Quickly turn search results into specific compliance reports.

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Manage costs

Cut deployment, management, and storage costs by utilizing a scalable and flexible software appliance. Leverage data storage systems so customers can utilize their existing traditional or cloud infrastructure.

Case Studies

University of Dayton

The University of Dayton found its solution in NetIQ Sentinel Log Manager. It has been logging, analyzing, and responding to three million security events a day.


Sony chose Sentinel Log Manager due to the low cost of acquisition, relative simplicity, ease-of-use, and the scalability and flexibility of deployment.

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